VIV Connect

The online networking community of VIV worldwide


VIV Connect is the new digital platform powered by the VIV worldwide network. It is set up to support our exhibitors and visitors to find each other and relevant content better at events. Currently VIV Connect offers a mobile app, with which visitors always have the latest exhibitor list at hand, can bookmark their favourite companies, find interesting sessions and network & meet with exhibitors at the shows. VIV Connect has also launched a web version of the platform. 


Exhibitors get access to the company admin dashboard of VIV Connect when preparing for their participation in one of the VIV events. In the dashboard you can set up your company profile, with sector & specie information, an introduction, logo, banners and downloads. Your input is then used to display your company in the exhibitor list on the event website, in the VIV Connect mobile app and in the printed show catalogue. And the more complete your profile is, the better it can be found by buyers attending the shows: more & better business!
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Welcome to VIV Connect! Access the Exhibitor Manual to make your participation seamless and impactful. If there are any remaining questions, feel free to contact us.

Make the most of your exhibition visit with the VIV Connect app!

Explore the functionalities of the VIV Connect app by watching our informative video above. Get a comprehensive understanding of the app’s features and how it enhances your experience at the exhibition. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out


The VIV Connect mobile app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Download VIV Connect for iOS
Download VIV Connect for Android


Accessing VIV Connect Company Dashboard

How do I obtain login details?

Access to the VIV Connect Company admin is currently only available for exhibiting companies at one of the VIV shows. Three months before the exhibition, the main contact listed on your participation contract will receive an email with login details from vnuvivnet@gmail.com.

If your company has participated in other VIV shows since 2022, then a company profile was already made previously. Please use your existing login details to get access to your profile.

Where do I access the VIV Connect exhibitor dashboard?

In the email with login details you will find a personalized link that takes you directly to the VIV Connect Company admin login page, you only have to enter your password to login. When you have already set up a profile at a previous show, or are having trouble using the link from the invitation, you can go to the login url directly: https://portal.vivconnect.net/login-company-admin

I've lost my login details

When you can’t find the email with your login details, you can request a new password via https://portal.vivconnect.net/login-company-admin

Make sure to use the email address of the person who is listed as main contact on your contract for the exhibition, otherwise the system won’t send the password reset email. Please keep an eye on your spam inbox when looking for the email.

My login details don't work

When you are having trouble accessing the exhibitor dashboard using the login details you’ve received, please try the following:

1. Use an incognito screen to login
2. Make sure not to include any spaces when copying your password from the invitation email

If this doesn’t work either, please request a new password.


I haven't received the password reset email

If you haven’t received the password reset email and it’s not in your spam inbox either, please let us know via vnuvivnet@gmail.com.

I want to add a colleague to the dashboard as administrator

The main contact listed on your participation contract is also the main contact for VIV Connect. When you want to add or change the email address connected to VIV Connect, you can invite colleagues via the admin dashboard.

I don't see my company when I'm logged in

Please send an email to viv.asia@vnuexhibitions.com to let us know your issue and we will solve it in the database.

Other questions?

Is your question not here? Please contact us.

Setting up your company profile – Exhibitor Dashboard

How do I edit my company profile?

When you are logged into the company admin dashboard, please click the “Edit” link to start editing your profile.

Company not visible when filtering exhibitor list

When your company doesn’t appear when searching with the filter options, please check if the correct sectors and species are checked in the company admin dashboard. Only when this information is filled in by your company admin, your company can be searched by using the filters in the exhibitor list.

Can I change my displayed brand name in the exhibitor list

You can change how your company name is displayed by editing it in the VIV Connect company dashboard.