VIV industry leaders

HEALTH & NUTRITION ASIA by VIV has a broad and highly specialized network of industry leaders that has been built over decades. We invite industry players to network with other top leaders in the industry through a dedicated program.



Over the previous year’s VIV worldwide has built a strong network of industry leaders from different sectors who come together at the show.

Health & Nutrition Asia welcomes the Industry Leaders with a dedicated program and the opportunity to network with other top leaders in the industry.

Extra privileges

1. The VIV Industry leaders enjoy a priority registration via a dedicated page.

2. A welcome desk at the show serve as a reference point to collect the priority badges and receive a special welcome as VIV Industry Leader. This badge can enter to all conferences of Health & Nutrition Asia from 7-8 September 2022.

3. As top leaders of the industry, these selected profiles receive special invitations to the several activities during the exhibition periods.

4. The exclusive VIV Industry Leader Lounge during show hours, with first class refreshments snack and drinks, is the best place for VIV Industry Leaders to network with peers from the industry and enjoy time while doing business.

5. Exclusive lunch voucher plus the shuttle van service to Le Mecier Restaurant and the networking dinner at V-Lounge.

To apply the VIV INDUSTRY LEADERS program, please send your requirement to Kamolchanok Nantaburom.

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