Here is a brief overview of some of the many innovative products that were introduced at Health & Nutrition Asia and VICTAM Asia 2022: feed probiotics, infrared spectrometers, feed additives, vaccines, dietary products for animals, and much more.

Learn how to use modern technologies and nutribiotic approaches

Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health takes a holistic approach to optimizing livestock production; focusing on the interactions between nutrition, the microbiome, and gut and immune function – a state we refer to as ‘nutribiosis’. Achieving a favorable nutribiotic state in the gut enables better growth, maximizes feed utilization, and helps protect birds from enteric diseases.
Come to our booth to talk to our team of experts and learn how the use of modern technologies and a nutribiotic approach can help you improve performance, increase liveability and support welfare.
Meet at Hybrid Pavilion – Booth 2190

Feed Probiotics

Yanten Biotechnology feed probiotics are based on Bacillus Subtilius (B. Subtilius YT-1), Bacillus Subtilis Natto, Pediococcus Acidilactici, Actinomyces, etc., to quickly break down feed protein and starch and generate numerous enzymes, vitamins, and nattokinase to increase feed conversion rate and improve the metabolism system and immune system of poultry or livestock, further lowering the use of antibiotics.
Meet at Booth 1255

Fourier Transform Near Infrared spectrometer

Feed, food, and grain-processing plants across the globe need quick, accurate, and reliable analyses to monitor the quality of incoming raw materials and finished products. The FT 9700TM from PerkinElmer is a compact, high-performance, full wavelength-range Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometer with a touchscreen interface and low-maintenance design that is ideal for food and agricultural product analysis.
Meet at Booth 1242

Natufactant & Natupro

Natupro by Bioproton contains multiple Bacillus species that help maintain diverse gut microbiota and intestinal integrity, resulting in improved gut health and animal performance.

Adequate energy is a fundamental requirement for animals to maximize production, but the bioavailability of lipids is low, especially for young animals. The inclusion of Natufactant into the diet improves the absorption of energy from fats and oils through better emulsification and fat hydrolysis.

Meet at Booth 1250

ADHEALTH Mixed feed additives

ADHEALTH by Union Formosa Biochemistry are a mixed feed additives.
Raw: Top-level yeast powder, non-GMO corn flour, extract of microbe fermentation.
Additional substances: Vitamins, Choline chloride, Methionine
Product Features: Functional peptide – Promote GI absorb – Improve reproductive disorders – Heat resistance – No toxicity – Enhance immunity.
Applicable objects: Pets (dogs/cats)/ornamental fish/birds/reptiles
Meet at Booth 1257

Choline chloride, Pearlzyme, ESS

1. Choline chloride by SOLTON Biochem, plays an important role as a phospholipid component consisting of cell membranes, as a methyl donor involved in physiological processes and as a lipotropic factor preventing fatty liver syndrome.
2. Pearlzyme is an alkaline protease produced by Bacillus clausii. The enzyme originated from microbes that can survive in an extreme environment. It has thermal and pH stability and various substrate specificities.
3. ESS stands for “Enzyme Secretion Stimulator for Ruminants.” It will improve rumen fermentation by containing effective ingredients such as fatty acids derived from natural palm oil and an ethylene oxide compound.
Meet at Booth 1130


Vaccines by Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd.
1. MyVAC NDV4HR. A mild live attenuated vaccine with heat resistance characteristics from the V4 strain to protect against Newcastle disease in chickens.
2. MyVAC NDS. A live attenuated vaccine from the Mukteswar ‘S’ strain (mesogenic type) to protect against Newcastle disease in chickens.
3. MyHatch UPM93. A live attenuated vaccine from a local isolate farm in Malaysia (UPM93 strain) and it is an intermediate plus type suitable to be given as an early day-old chick against infectious bursal disease in chickens.
Meet at Booth 1442


Asia Drug & Chemical Ltd. Partn. imports Taurine from Qiangjiang Yongan for use in animal and pet applications ranging from food to dietary supplements. An essential amino acid, Taurine promotes normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, pregnancy/fetal development, and the immune systems of animals and pets.
Meet at Booth 1443

Swine Genetics

At Genesus, we realize producers demand genetics that will produce large litters of healthy, fast-growing pigs that will produce high-quality, premium carcasses. Genesus genetics delivers on this promise.
The consistency of the Genesus commercial pig is the ultimate bottom line of our genetic program’s success and the key driver for our customer profitability.

Meet at Booth 1431


1. BACTOZEST by DSAND ANIMAL NUTRITION, is a novel combination of 5 robust and thermostable Bacillus species carefully selected for their probiotic properties. The strains and their selected concentration in BACTOZEST help in optimum digestion and health and also regulate the microbial ecosystem in the gut of birds.
2. Proease is a food-grade ultra-filtrate purified cysteine protease enzyme fermented from vegetative sources. Proease demonstrates optimum stability over the range of pH 3.0 to 9.0. Its activity is effective from 10 to 90 OC. The min. concentration is 130000 FCC PU/g. An Indian patent has been registered.
3. SUPERCLAUSIITM WS contains Bacillus Clausii, which has been shown to be antidiarrheal and immune modulating. Spores of B. Clausii are resistant to many antibiotics, including erythromycin, lincomycin, cephalosporins, … It is classified as a probiotic microorganism that maintains a symbiotic relationship with the host organism.
Meet at Booth 1478


Equibioma by EUROFEED TECHNOLOGIES is an advanced combination of supreme quality for healthy intestines: nourishment; fcr improver; nutrient digestion; pH regulation; bacteriostatic-eubiosis. It reveals, in a slow manner, the active ingredients in the intestinal tract of monogastic animals. Equibioma improves intestinal enterocytes’ growth and modulates intestinal microflora and it’s able to prevent pathogen proliferation in the gut. See the flyer >

Meet at Booth 1423

Aqua clean – Aeroforte

1. Aqua-clean® by Kanters Special Products B.V., cleans and disinfects drinking water systems. Aqua-clean is based on hydrogen peroxide and enriched with a special complex containing silver. This combination ensures the heavy cleaning needed for drinking systems.
2. Aeroforte Hydrogen peroxide
Effervescent cleaner
Penetrates and breaks up biofilm
Antibacterial / disinfects water
3. Pro-Mac Stabilizer / silver complex
Prolongs the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with biofilm
Lower corrosiveness compared to other cleaning agents
Aqua-clean FlyerAeroforte FlyerPro-Mac Flyer

Meet at Booth 1310

Phytofat Ruby – Phytofat 1675
Phytofat Gold 500

Phytofats by JF Nutritech Sdn.
1. Phytofat Ruby: An all-natural palm oil liquid that provides essential phytonutrients for pigs, poultry, rumen bypass, sheep, prawns, and fish, including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, palmitic acid, and oleic acid.
2. Phytofat 1675: Lipid phytonutrients in white powder form that provide essential phytonutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Palmitic Acid, and Oleic Acid for pigs, poultry, rumen bypass, sheep, prawns, and fish.
3. Phytofat Gold 80: A natural golden-colored lipid phytonutrients powder that contains essential phytonutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Palmitic Acid, and Oleic Acid for pigs, poultry, rumen bypass, sheep, prawns, and fish.
Meet at Booth 1318

Milk Replacer for Animal Feed

1. The Milk Replacer for Feed by Lam Tak is commonly used in piglet and calf feed and is sourced from the production waste of big MNC infant formula/milk powder factories. By the powder’s nature, it proves better digestibility and absorbability.
2. Sesame Meal is a by-product obtained after oil extraction and used as feed for livestock.

Meet at Booth 1461

Super oilgo

FARMTEC has always been with them for the past 20 years. We’ll always approach our customers with our unchanging minds. FARMTEC’s journey is always focused on stock farms. Highly functional feed additive made by experts: With the motif based on the thought that nutritionists are needed to provide balanced and healthy fodder to livestock, just like there are nutritionists for people, we aimed to assign Oligo the character of a nutritionist who’s playing that role, and add friendliness as well as expertise and reliability to the product.
Meet at Booth 1316

Cefoshot Aqua – Natural Plan series – Triple-Can Aqua

1. Cefoshot Aqua: treatment of bacterial diseases (Streptococus spp.). Sensitive to Ceftiofur for Olive flounder. Dosage form: injectable powder. Composition : 1g contains Ceftiofur sodium  1,000mg (potency).
2. Natural Plan series is multifunctional nutrition for dogs. It provides a multicare supplies nutrients for the brain and prevents chronical diseases. Hip and joint care: improving chronical diseases. Skin & vessel care: after neutering helps obesity care & supplies nutrients for the brain. Eye care: provides eye health, maintain vision, tear reduction.
3. Triple-Can Aqua: validated tripled sodium disinfectant. Dosage form: powder. Composition : 1kg contains: Potassium monopersulfate 500g (potency, 2.495% as active oxygen) – Malic acid 100g – Sodium chloride 25g – Sodium hexametaphosphate 175g – Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate 115g – Sulfamic acid  50g.

Meet at Booth B271

ML-F2 – relax-c

1. ML-F2 is an innovative feed additive which designed  for  better and faster growth with health for animals by combination of two different neuro-transmission mechanisms which can reduce unnecessary stress-related reactions such as tension, irritation and anxiety.
2. Relax-C is protected GABA, which  helps reduce stress, tinnitus, and anxiety for Ruminant. Also, Relax-C with the production technology of MILAE BIORESOURCES is considered safe and eco-friendly due to patented strains isolated from kimchi Natural foods made through fermentation of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus series).

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1. ALLICOM: A powder type of feed additive to improve immune function for livestock based on garlic extract that has anti-viral and antioxidant effects.
2. ALLICOM PLUS: Stronger Replacement of antibiotics made by Garlic extract and Medicinal herbs, Ginseng powder
3. YEAST CULTURE: Premium yeast culture by using in-house yeast spawn.

Meet at Booth 1130


1. Dr. Calcium: High-concentration calcium solution designed with the optimal ratio of three minerals and vitamin D3 to maximize intestinal calcium absorption rate.
Vita Kingdom: Water-soluble granule-type complex of vitamins. Containing highly concentrated vitamins as a complex vitamin product is essential to protect animals from various diseases and environmental stresses by supplying vitamins that are lacking in the feed.
3. E U: High levels of amino acids and oligo peptides manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis. Having an optimal amino acid profile to meet the animal’s requirements.

Meet at Booth E53


1. Effervescent Tablets:
A) AMINOX (Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes): Active Ingredients – Vitamins A, D3, E -Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium.
B) OXYMON (Anti-Oxidant): Active Ingredients – Vitamin E, Selenium.
c) BETACOOL (Heat Stress Alleviator): Active Ingredients – Betaine – Selenium, Magnesium.
D) PROMAX (Probiotics): Active Ingredients – S. Cerevisiae, Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp.
2. MAMMA-SOMA: It’s a multi-functional, multi-purpose sow milk secretion stimulator that consists of 29 kinds of nutrients for increasing milk yield and litter size, extending the economic lifespan of sows, and improving weight uniformity and weaning weight in piglets.
3. AMINOX: Soma manufactures both proteinate and methionine chelate types of organic minerals.
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Acid Buf by Celtic Sea Minerals is a unique, Icelandic, plant-based marine mineral complex which contains bioavailable calcium and magnesium along with 72 other trace minerals. 
4 research studies show that Acid Buf improves feed efficiency by an average of 7.5%.

Meet at Booth 1422


ScreenFloX by Evonik is the only environmental screening system that non-invasively quantifies the levels of certain pathogens from an entire flock with a confidence level exceeding 90%.
Samples of feces collected in the barn are used for reliable qPCR analysis of your flock’s pathogen status, which also provides continuous monitoring through an early warning system to prevent disease and improve production.

Meet at Booth 1451


These products are useful in:
Oxidative stress
Respiratory problems
External parasites

Meet at Booth 1351


Feed Flavors Asia presents in the exhibit:
1. POLACID: Organic and inorganic acid complex for broiler and swine
2. FEMAX 70-LG: Fat emulsifier for livestock and poultry, suitable for all animals
3. FFA PALA-TF: Tropical fruit flavors with high concentrations of sweeteners suitable for piglet, cattle, and premix

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