Provided by AFFIA this conference is for everyone interested in the solutions offered by insect agriculture for feed and food production. Including new industry research results on digestibility and palatability.


Register now for this conference featuring a variety of industry experts delivering brilliant presentations about the latest updates in both fish and shrimp nutrition



VIV has the largest worldwide network in health & nutrition; Victam is the world’s largest feed & grain event. The combination of these key show organizers offers a unique platform, unique in Asia. Here you can find an overview of all the exhibitors. 
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VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia, by Victam and VIV offers high-level conferences by the organizers and by partners. The sessions take place at BITEC and in the city of Bangkok. View the extensive array of conferences and register!
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Animals can only be productive if they are healthy. We asked Tyson Foods, Phytobiotics, DSM Animal Nutrition and Health, Biomin, Framelco and Kanters about theirs views on future trends in animal health and nutrition in Asia. You’ll find their answers and their plans for the show in the preview.

The conference program includes conferences by VICTAM and VIV, and conferences by partners, such as Pig and Poultry Focus Asia 2020, Aquatic Asia Conference and Insect protein for animal feed.


WAVLD incorporates with VIV to organize a seminar about the challenges of the novel diagnostic lab on combating global transboundary diseases in Livestock on the 25th of March. Read more about the program and speakers.
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International Aquafeed magazine and Dr Mian Riaz, Head of Extrusion Technology at Texas A&M University, and VIV are hosting a one-day Aquafeed Extrusion! This conference will specialise in extrusion for aquatic feeds.
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This one-day program featuring a variety of industry experts delivering brilliant presentations about the latest updates in both fish and shrimp nutrition. This conference is ideal for nutritionists, production staff and academics.
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VICTAM & Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 WILL BE STAGED IN BANGKOK AS PLANNED

This statement is to CONFIRM that VICTAM & Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 will TAKE PLACE AS PLANNED in Bangkok, March 24-26, 2020. 

Over the last weeks we obviously received queries from our customers about the novel coronavirus, officially named COVID-19. As mentioned before, we are tracking the situation daily, and have access to current data through external organizations and service providers. The purpose of this statement is to provide the most up-dated information so that you can understand our decisions that we are absolutely POSITIVE that VICTAM & Animal Health and Nutrition will take place AS SCHEDULED in Bangkok. 

Summary of Current COVID-19 Data – Spread is slowing down! 
Based on updated reports from the World Health Organization and medical organizations over the past week, the spread of the virus has thankfully slowed. However, we will continue to exercise caution and adopt a conservative approach as new information is released. 

While we understand that exhibitors may be concerned and as the situation has continued to evolve, we have begun to have a clearer picture of the impact of COVID-19: 

• 98.7% of the cases are in China. 

• 2.7% of those affected have died. However: o 99.7% of these deaths have been in China, and 95.5% in Hubei, where medical care unfortunately has been severely overburdened. 

o The current mortality rate outside of China is 0.006% (six deaths among 1,014 cases). This means it may be less deadly than the common flu when proper treatment is availa-ble. 

o 19.5% of all those affected have already recovered. This means they are no longer con-tagious. 

• 80.9% of all cases have been classified as mild and only 4.7% as critical, reinforcing the earlier medical study in Eurosurveillance. 


Postponement of Pig & Poultry Focus Asia (PPFA) conference UNRELATED 
VICTAM & Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 is a trade exhibition with focus on Animal Feed Technol-ogy and Grain Processing and Animal Health and Nutrition. While Pig & Poultry Focus Asia (PPFA) is a PURE conference for the Pig and Poultry Industry. Both are totally UNRELATED to each other.  

VICTAM & Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 is concerned and alert for the safety & health. 
Right after China announced the outbreak of the COVID-19 and WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the Thai government and all sectors such as Health, Tourism, and other relevant state agencies have actively took part in responding to the emergency situation and promptly applied a se-ries of preventive and controlling measures to minimize the risk of infection.

VISITOR REGISTRATION for VICTAM & Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 IN FULL SWING! 

Again, though we will be cautious and await further information, the current data clearly shows that the ef-forts to control COVID-19 have been fairly successful to date and that its spread is being slowed in affected areas. 

We are looking forward to welcome you in Bangkok! 

Kind regards, 

Heiko M. Stutzinger 
Managing Director VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific 
Director VNU Exhibitions Europe and VIV Worldwide 



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